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We offer you as entrepreneur a competent and engaged partner with a large network of investors, partners, and mentors.  For several years we have worked with entrepreneurs to help them succeed with their project, visions, and dreams.  Book a meeting with us and together we can create revenue and make business of your ideas today! Below you can read more about our ongoing projects and companies. 

our companies

Axcrypt provides individuals and businesses with encryption solutions that are easy and safe to use 


iOpinion takes the pulse of your staff's health, work environment and attitude

Worksy is a flexible, easily-managed, web-based case management system for everyone

Måns Hansson

ZoCom can help you reach the best solutions, create sustainable relations, increase conversion rate or develop strategies for higher ROI. 

Do you have a great idea that you want to realize?  Schedule an appointment with me. 


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