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ZoCom was founded  2011 by Zebastian Victorin and a year later Måns Hansson joined when they started a joint project together. Since then a lot of exciting things has happened in the company. ZoCom has managed to turn three business ideas to technology companies and has developed a number of systems and technical solutions that today are used by several well-known companies and customers. With a skilled team, we deliver quality services within both development and training, and we are currently running educational IT programs on vocational

education colleges in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We believe in an open climate where our customers and consultants always come first. Welcome to ZoCom!

our coworkers

Marketing director

For over 20 years Måns has worked with method development, company profiling and education issues for businesses and universities. Educated at Konstfack with interest for art and design.


Business manager

A true multitasker! IT consultant, a teacher in networking and security, studying a Master in Quality and Operations Management at Chalmers University of Technology, where he also is a mentor. In addition, he also works as a bus driver.  A big interest and passion for motorcycles. 


Education manager

During his 10 years at Jensen Education Alvaro has been a teacher, educational leader and operational manager. He enjoy building teams where people can thrive and develop. In his spare time, he likes to go out and ride his bike together with his wife, and their two small daughters love to tag along. 


Competence Development Manager, Gothenburg

Johan is a frontend developer and a certified teacher, who is passionate about color, shape and education design. Johan is a balanced mix of an aesthetic and technical nerd. When time and opportunity is given, he likes to immerse himself in to 3d modeling or music production.


Frontend developer and design

Elin is currently studying for frontend developers at Nackademin. Using computers for graphic purposes has always been a hobby for Elin since childhood. Last year she read Graphic Design at the Nordic Textile Academy and the goal is to connect her graphic background with the profession as a frontend developer. Since she grew up near a riding school with a nature reserves close by, she loves to be out walking, socializing with animals, friends and family.


Competence Development Manager, Stockholm

Fullstack developer and certified teacher in mathematics and computer science with a passion for pedagogy in programming and development. On his spare time when the opportunity is giving, he likes to play on his classical guitar.


IT-project manager

Alexander is the project leader who was born in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm. With a background in the security and catering industry, Alexander is a spicy and perfect multitasker.


IT-Project manager

Traveler and philosopher in the land of dreams. Engaged in business and has a big interest in photo and communication. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication as well as a Bachelor's in Human Resources at Uppsala University.



Frontend developer who are passionate about education and learning.

Educates in frontend development  and loves good, user-friendly design.

In his spare time, he likes to play the piano or trumpet, hang out with friends and never say no to visit a museum.



A sailor from Gothenburg who has worked with most things in IT. Claes started as Shipbuilders from Chalmers and slipped into programming. It has been everything from development to operation, with many years as a FORTRAN programmer. He has a passion for spreading knowledge and teaching in navigation at the Swedish Cruise Ship Club in the evenings. Otherwise, boats and boating are central to Claes. So much so that he now lives on a sailing boat. His long-term plan is to sail around the world after retirement.



Erfan is a system developer who is born and raised in Malmö. He has worked with several of different programming languages ​​both in frontend as well as in backend where Java has

has been the main focus over the years.

He also has knowledge of SQL so working full stack is not something unusual for him. Furthermore, Erfan has a great car interest and loves to travel and to constantly discover new places and continents.



Graduated from Chalmers Nahid works as an educator and Java developer in Gothenburg. On her spare time, she enjoys photographing or listening to hard rock. Her heart beats a little extra for Japan.



Oscar is an experienced Electronic engineer with well-developed skills and experience in different areas. He as a big interest in artificiell intelligence and machine learning. When the time is right and the opportunity occur, He’ll be out and playing golf with his friends.

stig arne


A true multitasker! IT consultant, a teacher in networking and security, studying a Master in Quality and Operations Management at Chalmers University of Technology, where he also is a mentor. In addition, he also works as a bus driver.  A big interest and passion for motorcycles. 


Back-end developer

Alexander is an ambitious and skilled system developer who is looking for new challenges to increase his skills further. He has a big experience in crucial system environments within insurance and security. Alexander is used to working in agile teams, both new development and further development. People see  Alexander as a humble and unpretentious person who quickly finds his role in new groups.


Front-end developer

Christoffer is studying front-end at KYH in Stockholm and is now doing his LIA with us. In high school, he studied web development and Java but soon realized that it was front-end that was his cup of tea. Enjoys solving Rubik's Cube on time, with a personal record on 9 seconds. He also likes to play the guitar. 



The Back-end genius from Hisingen, Gothenburg with a Master of Science in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. David is a fantasy geek and has seen the entire StarTrek seven times.


Application developer

A passionate teacher who founded the basis for the IT knowledge at KTH. Born and raised in the south of Stockholm, which he still calls home with his Dutch wife and two daughters.  When he doesn't teach he is programming apps for children. 



Pinball player from Gothenburg. After trying the journalist profession he got more interested in web, as a developer and educator. Formulates quiz questions while reading the morning newspaper and usually have some questions in his back pocket. 


Java developer

Jacob was born in Nynäshamn but moved to Uppsala University for academic studies. For many years now Jacob has worked to broaden his knowledge in Java and web development which he now 

passionately help students and friends understand. 


Back-end developer

Lars Persson from Skåne work as a Full Stack Developer. He is the king in .NET, ASP, and C#. Mainly a Back End Developer who have begun to take an interest in Front End.


Developer, projekt manager

Per is the project manager who also is a very skilled system developer. He likes to work through the whole process, including the important documentation, test/verification and is very thorough.


Frontend developer

Sara is studying front-end at KYH in Stockholm and is now doing her internship with us.

Previous experiences include, running her own business and working in the security industry. Something that is well reflected in her goal awareness, organizational skills and drive.In her spare time, you’ll see her lauging with her friends in some square, as she is passionate about square dance.


Business Manager for AxCrypt

Angélique works remotely from her hometown in the Netherlands as a Business Manager for AxCrypt. Since 2017, she is mostly responsible for our (potential) Business customers and resellers, amongst many other things.

Previous studies include International Business. She has always been excited to learn new things, which resulted in the award for "The Netherlands BTEC Student of the Year" in 2018. She also like that she has the ability to make people laugh now and then. Making tasty food mainly for others is one of many things she likes to do.


Recruitment assistant

Sandra the trainee likes to grow into a role to be able to contribute as much as possible and to grow as a person as well. She does not give up and she can learn new tactics is characterized in her football playing - which she has a great interest in.

our board
Måns Hansson
Zebastian Victorin
Raymond Victorin


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